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  • Elena Stewart

10 Resources for New Nonprofit Owners

You’ve gotten tired of sitting back and waiting for someone else to change your community for the better. Instead, you’re planning to open your own nonprofit and start working towards the greater good. Starting a nonprofit is a major undertaking, but delegating certain tasks to a virtual assistant through Wild Grace Associates can make your job easier. Additionally, we’ve collected these resources packed with tips for making a positive impact through your nonprofit.

Taking the leap

You’ve got plenty of enthusiasm for your cause - but you don’t know how to officially form your nonprofit. These resources will help.

  • Although you’re running a nonprofit, you should still create a business plan!

  • Find knowledgeable, caring people who can give you sound guidance for your board of directors.

  • Next, you’ll be ready to begin hiring your staff! Start posting job openings and holding interviews for promising candidates.

Managing your team

The people who make up your nonprofit are at the heart of your organisation’s mission. Here’s how to support them as a manager.

  • These tips can help you get your volunteer program off the ground.

  • Hiring a virtual assistant can free up time you would otherwise spend on administrative tasks and allow you to work closely with your team instead.

  • It’s easy for nonprofit workers to feel burned out, so try to counteract this by keeping the culture in your workplace positive!

Budgeting and Fundraising

To prompt genuine change, you need the necessary funds. Turn to these guides for help with fundraising, budgeting, and paying taxes.

  • Ensure that your fundraisers are highly effective with these key strategies.

  • Maintaining a budget with all of your expenses and various income streams will help you stay on top of your finances.

  • You will still have to file taxes as a nonprofit organisation, so make sure to research your requirements in advance.

  • Working with a bookkeeper can help you save time. To budget for this hiring expense, research the certified bookkeeper salary for your area.

When you start a nonprofit, you take on a long list of new responsibilities. But with the right resources, you’ll be able to make leadership decisions with confidence. Soon, you’ll be noticing uplifting changes in your community thanks to your organisation!

Need to outsource some management tasks? Turn to Wild Grace Associates for help with everything from social media to administrative duties. Book a free discovery call through our website today!

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Guest Author: Elena Stewart

Photo credit: Pexels


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