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2021 Goals?

What if I told you I didn't have any? 😱 Hear me out, this doesn't mean that I don't have things I am aiming for. I just don't like having a list of 'goals' that I haven't achieved yet staring me in the face. That is why I don't do new years resolutions.

Instead, I come up with a yearly theme. In previous years, these have been 'Be Fearless', 'Let Love Lead'. They seem vague but that's the point. At the start of any year, the future is unknown. Plans change, unexpected events happen that can sometimes crush your goals.

For me last year, my goal was to visit a new country. A global pandemic made that impossible which meant I never achieved my goal. This can be disappointing.

However, my yearly theme was 'Let Love Lead'. Let the things I love lead my year. Although travel is a love of mine, just because I couldn't do that, I found other things that I loved to fulfil my year. So I would say that my year was successful because I lived out my yearly theme.

Let me challenge you to scrap your goals list and start the year with a new theme. You will see that you will notice this theme lived out multiple times throughout the year.

Signing off,

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