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Appoint One Day To Fully Sit In Your CEO Seat!

Have you heard of a CEO day?

Simply put, it is when you appoint one day in your week/month to fully sit in your CEO seat, to retake control of your business, schedule, plans, and life.

Business can be a WHIRLWIND sometimes, and let me tell you…taking a day to devote entirely to you and your business is a game changer!

They aren’t just for big corporate executives. You don’t even have need to be a business owner to have a CEO day. If you are juggling many responsibilities and want to achieve your dreams and goals, then you need to be intentional. Enter CEO Day.

Here's how I choose to spend my CEO Day...

  • Update my website with new information

  • Check my finances - update my accounts

  • Brainstorming / designing new products

  • Clean up my office space

  • Sort through my email inboxes and downloads folder on my computer

  • Research new social media trends

There’s no one right way to spend it. That’s what is fun…it’s up to YOU.

It’s a day for you to realign and refocus. A day designed for you to work ON your business, rather than IN it.

Why I think you should schedule a CEO day:

1. You can PLAN - Creating space in your busy to plan each step you need to move forward and reach your goals is necessary. When you get caught up in the daily grind of work and responsibilities, it can be more challenging to keep long-term goals in mind.

2. You can CATCH UP - Breathing room! Sounds amazing, right? A CEO day gifts you the space and time to catch up on the tasks that may keep you from falling behind.

3. You can CREATE - Being able to think outside of the box and work ON your business instead of IN your business, is so valuable for your growth and progress. A CEO day can help spark new ideas and explore new possibilities. Exciting!

On a more personal note, having a CEO day is also great for Self-Care.

This is key. Devote time to your mental and emotional health. You can’t pour into your business and clients if you have nothing to give. If you don’t feel at your peak, how you show up in your business and life will be a reflection of this. It doesn’t always mean going for a spa-day. It could be switching off your phone, reading, journalling, spending time with friends, going for a run. Whatever you love to do!

Remember, a CEO day is to empower you to do what you need to do, to be able to perform at your best in your business and in life. Give it a go!

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