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Brand Photography: Where Do I Start?

When you launch a new brand or business, having good quality photos can really elevate your brand. That doesn’t mean spending thousands on a professional photoshoot when you first start out. But maybe asking a friend to take some photos for you.

When I first started I didn’t have a big budget but a friend of mine agreed to do a session of photos as a one off. A 2 hour photoshoot turned into 18 months worth of content. So where do you start?

1. Search for Photographers / Friends in your Area

Instagram or Facebook are great places to start. In the search field, type 'brand photographer' or 'personal photographer' and your location. You'll find a list of potential photographers you can contact. Have a look at their profile and see if you like the style of photos they take.

If you can't find someone in your area, then ask a friend. As long as you have a decent smart phone or a good camera, off you go. This is a great start.

2. Decide on your aesthetic

Now you have chosen your photographer, you need to decide on how you want your photos to look. This may be the very reason you chose a certain photographer. Do you like natural, candid photos? Do you want professional, studio photos? Do you prefer bright and airy or dark and shadowed? Choose an aesthetic that speaks your brand. If your brand colours are bright, white and colourful, you'll want your photos to have a similar theme.

3. Make a list

What type of photos do you need? Have a look at your website and social media. What photos are you missing? You'll want a collection of headshots so your customer knows who you are. Then you might want a collection of photos 'doing' your business. This could be at your computer or packing product into boxes or even sitting on your phone (if your work requires this). Then I like to have a collection of lifestyle photos. This doesn't even include photos of me. It could your products or items around your office. Photos that help to represent the brand.

Make a list of every type of photo you want. For example,

  • Headshot with a plain wall

  • Headshot with a patterned wall

  • Laptop working

  • Phone working

  • Writing in a notebook

  • Drinking a coffee

  • Walking with your laptop

  • Sitting at a bench

4. Create a Pinterest board of ideas

While you make a list of photos that you want, start scanning through Pinterest at 'brand photography', 'product styling photography', 'personal branding photography'. There are thousand of images that will give you some inspiration for your own shoot. When you create your board, share it with your photographer ahead of time so they can get an idea of what type of photos you are looking for.

5. Go & have fun!

Don't be scared or worried going into this photoshoot. Even if you don't really like being in front of the camera, your photographer will try to make you feel comfortable. If you relax and be yourself, that will come across in the photos and help to promote your brand.

As I said before, a 2 hour photoshoot can give plenty of content for 12-18 months. It is absolutely worth the investment.

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