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Did You Enjoy Living Abroad?

I LOVED IT! When I moved to Australia, I didn't think I would be there for more than a year but I ended up staying for 3 years.

The first year it felt like a long extended holiday. But then at some point during my second year, it transitioned from a long holiday to home. I would fly back to the UK for Christmas but when I left, I felt like I was going home to Australia. It was a weird feeling; travelling home to the family but then travelling home to where my life was.

I was sad when that season came to an end and I moved back to the UK. It took more time for the UK to feel at home again than it took for me to adjust to living in Australia.

I've been asked on multiple occasions, 'Would you move back?' I've flip-flopped between answers. 'Probably not. That's a big deal to move across the world again.' But then other days I'm like, 'Why not?! I lived 'my best life' - so cliché! I was constantly living outside my comfort zone with so many fun opportunities and adventures. Maybe I want that again? So who knows? I love a good adventure! Anything could happen - it's 2021, isn't it?!

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