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Keeping Your Startup Dream Alive

Ok, so you have launched your business. Now what? How do I keep going? Here are 3 tips/reality checks that will help you keep going. Life as a business owner is not easy but it's so worth it when you see results.

1. Do It Right The First Time

Does this mean you have to do everything perfectly? Not even close. It just means that you can’t afford to faff around. You have to be professional and do your homework so you keep mistakes to a minimum. Time is your most valuable resource. An investment into a VA, for example, who will help you get organised and set up will save you from a massive stressful headache later down the road. Spend your valuable time doing your job. Let an expert do theirs.


2. Do It Fast

Today’s market is an ever-changing kaleidoscope. Blink, and it’s changed on you. So in that sense, you can’t hang around forever.

Yes, some decisions need some time before making a decision but in most cases, don't faff around. Make the decision and move on. The more you can cross an objective off your list, the more you can use your accomplishments to stay motivated about your big business picture.


3. Have Fun

Yes, the business has plenty of seriousness to it. There’s a lot on the line in terms of money, reputation and your wellness.

But in the grand scheme of things, business is just a game where the score is measured in Pounds / Dollars.

You should go into the game primarily to have fun and getting a good score should be your bonus.

Make it about the people and the joy of bringing something interesting and good into the market. It’s about challenging yourself every day to see what you can do.

Signing off,


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