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Posting Randomly Might Work For You. But, Is It Working For Your Business?

Let's get real!

There is no magic formula for deciding how often to post on social media. Posting randomly is an option, isn't a 'strategy'.

You more than likely won't grow or achieve the engagement you really dream of.

You could post last minute, add it as a final task to do each day or say, "I'll post it later when (if) I get a chance". Creating content, filming reels, designing graphics, thinking of captions, trying to find takes time.

Did you know that at Wild Grace Associates, we understand your time is precious. Choosing to work with us means you will have a team who will understand your business, your social media, marketing needs, and relieve your time and overwhelm.

It's consistency, purpose and strategy that will help you become a successful account and feel at peace about your socials.

If you are ready to say goodbye to random posting and hello to the best decision you'll make this year, *wave*, enquire today. We would love to be of help!

Send us an email ( if you would like some support with your social media management.


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