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Take A Chance On Me!

Q: Could you take us through the process of how you get to know your clients and build a relationship with them?

A: We usually hear from a potential client through a website inquiry or email. They will outline who they are, what business or charity they are involved in and the type of help they are looking for (a new website, admin support or social media management).

We immediately schedule a Discovery Call. This is a Zoom call to meet each other, and hear about their business/charity and what they need. I share a little about our business and how we help clients. We end the call with an action plan as to what both parties need to do to take this forward.

As soon as the potential client feels ready, we will sort out a time frame of events for the next few months, sign contracts, send out the first invoice and schedule an introduction call.

During the first month, we try to have a call once a week for the client to stay connected with us and we can help set up a few systems that will help both parties get started. Depending on their needs and demands, this usually drops to once a fortnight / ad-hoc.

We keep our lines of communication clear. We are available on Zoom, WhatsApp, Email, and phone. Whatever works best for the client! We are available during normal working hours, with occasional access outside of these times for emergencies.

Having a regular contact point with the client helps us to stay connected and share our progress. It helps us to adjust the support based on real-time events.

When possible, we try to meet our clients in person. This is always beneficial for building our connections.


Why not take a chance on me and trust that what I've learnt over the past decade will only enrich your business/charity?

Signing on,


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