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The Story Behind The Business Name

May 2019, I was attending a leadership conference. One of the hosts got on stage and started talking about the word 'WILD'. She gave the definition and what it could mean for leaders. Something sparked inside of me. I wouldn't naturally call myself a 'Wild' person but probably secretly, I wanted to be. After the conference, I wrote down some thoughts and then parked it. I had no idea what that was for.

When I was thinking about my business name, I wanted something that linked the business to me but didn't have my name in it. So I decided to use my middle name 'Grace'. But 'Grace' what? Then the word 'WILD' came back. I read the notes I made at the conference and played around with a few variations. 'WILD GRACE'. I liked it.

In some ways, they counteract each other. How can grace (favour, beauty and elegance) be wild (not controlled)? And that was kind of the point. I wanted my business to represent that the favour and elegance we offer is uncontrolled. Freely offered.

But, there was one problem: it didn't say what the business was. As I said in my post about 10 days ago, I didn't want to work for my business. I wanted to run my business and have associates work for me. So I added 'associates' on to the end so that clients could expect who they were going to work with.

And that's how it all came together:

Signing off,


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