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Time For An Inbox Spring Clean

Inbox overwhelm is real, let’s be honest. This happens when there is such a large mix of new and old unread emails, and sometimes we need to give our a spring clean.

Is this something that you dread doing? Or are you one of those business owners that has fun when organising their inbox? *High Five*

An organised inbox brings me joy! So much that I love to help others organise their inboxes too! I want to help you achieve that organised inbox joy.

A cluttered, unorganised inbox I can really affect your productivity, so here are some tips that will work wonders for your inbox.

  1. Unsubscribe! Have you ever heard the quote, “Your inbox is a garden you must prune”. Those newsletters and marketing emails you haven’t open in 6 months? Unsubscribe. The restaurant that sends you deals every day? Unsubscribe. If you haven’t read them by now, you probably won’t start now.

  2. Hit the Snooze button! Did you know this was an email feature? If you are not ready to deal with an email as soon as it comes in, hit the snooze button. You can control when that email then returns to your inbox. Amazing, right?

  3. Block and tackle. Create a block of time to tackle your emails. Constantly checking your inbox can be a hard habit to break…especially when we check our emails before we even get out of bed in the morning. Scheduling time helps to eliminate a lot of the stress in your working day. Instead of dropping specific tasks at any given moment to respond to a new message, unless it is urgent, try giving your inbox “office hours” to focus and prioritise emails.

  4. Hire an assistant. If your inbox is a source of constant overwhelm and you don't fancy tackling it yourself, why not hire someone who enjoys keeping inboxes sane. *Wave* Our VA's at Wild Grace Associates would love to be of help!

Send me an email ( if you would like some support with your email management.


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