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Trying to boost visits on your website?

With a well designed website and social media, you’ve set up your online presence. You may think that’s the job done, but the truth is, you’re just getting started!

Everyday we see an excessive amount of information while we are online. It makes reaching potential clients interested in your services more difficult. You will need to try and test, but remember, results can’t happen overnight.

Here are some important ways you can try to increase traffic to your website.

  • Blog Posts

Blogging can have a lasting impact on your business by driving traffic to your website, helping you build a social media following, making an impression and building a trusting relationship with your potential clients. It’s a valuable tool.

Aim to include as much useful information as you can, using specific keywords. Quality content also encourages your audience to share your brand and name on their social media platforms.

  • SEO

The higher your website is listed, the more people will see it!

“Search Engine Optimisation” is the process of improving your website position and visibility for searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, by using keywords, geo-localisation and more.

Imagine you are needing information on a particular topic. In the past, you would purchase a book. However, all you have to do today is search on Google and you will be provided with THOUSANDS of results. Yet, you are more than likely to click on the results on the first page. SEO can help you become a first page result, and as a result…MORE WEBSITE VISITS!

  • Social Media

Producing high quality content and having a well designed website is very important. However, being consistent on your social media platforms will ensure you the good results.

Keep in mind that each social media channel is different and has its own audience. Not all content is suitable to be shared on every social media platform. The same content could have amazing results on LinkedIn but not on Instagram.

  • Ads

Sounds obvious! But digital advertising is one of the most effective ways to see more visits. Let’s face it, you can’t get away from them. Whether you are reading through a website or giving your thumb a workout with constant scrolling on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, you just can’t escape them.

See this as an opportunity to promote. Display your ads in the competitive space, target specific audiences and expose your name to a larger audience. Voila!


When you drive traffic to your website, you need to understand where those visitors are coming from. Take a peek at your analytics to find out what your best traffic sources are. This helps with scaling your efforts and tailoring your content to achieve the best results.

Give these hacks a go. They are an essential part of helping your business to grow. It will pay off!

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