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We're Hiring

Come and join the team. Our available positions are listed below.

  • What is a Monthly Retainer?
    A monthly retainer is a monthly payment made by the client to a service provider (Wild Grace Associates) which guarantees a set number of hours per month to access their services, skills and experience. At Wild Grace Associates, we require a 3-month starting commitment to establish a good working relationship, which is followed by a monthly agreement.
  • £30/hour seems a lot. Why would I pay this when I could employ someone at a cheaper hourly rate?
    At Wild Grace Associates, you only pay for the hours that we work - not the coffee breaks, toilet trips and staff natter. What you pay for is the time it takes for us to do the work and nothing more. On top of this, you don't have to pay Tax, National Inusrance, Pension, Holiday/Sick Leave or the costs it takes to hire and train new staff. We also use all our own equipment from laptops to stationary to software and even our own coffee mug!
  • How do I know you've used all the hours I've purchased in my package?
    All of the time spent doing work for you is monitored through our online timekeeping software. When you receive an invoice, you may also request a simple or detailed timesheet downloaded directly from our timekeeping software. This gives a breakdown of exactly what, when and how long a task took to complete, giving you clarification for why the cost has been incurred. During our first consultation meeting, we discuss the types of tasks you are looking for us to manage and can give you a rough estimate of how many hours we believe the work will take to complete. Alongside this, we discuss your maximum budgeted hours so we can keep to your budget. This way we can notify you if our work hours get close to this amount, helping you manage your budget as well as prioritising our time.
  • Do you do one-off, small tasks?
    Yes! We offer the TASTER package which gives you 4 hours for £95 (requires a one-time £25 setup fee). This is perfect to try us out for a small project before commiting to a monthly package or if you have a one-off project for us to complete.
  • I'm ready to enquiry, what now?
    Fantastic! Use our contact form to get in touch. Give us as much information about what you are interested in and any questions you may have and we will get back to you within 5 working day. We will then find a suitable time for a discovery call to talk through your projects and what you can expect from us. We will email you a proposal for you to approve and then finally a contact to sign. Once all the paperwork is completed, we will set up a first call to outline your project, obtain any materials and data and then we will get started. We set up fortnightly calls for the first 3 months so you stay closely connected with us and your project. After this point, we can decrease these to once per month or however often you feel is needed.

Interested in applying for one of our roles? Let us know.

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