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Good Design is Good Business

What is your dream? What is the end goal you'd like to achieve? Write it at the top of the page.

Now, what is the step before that? What would you have to do to take one step to reach your goal? What's the step before that? And before that? Keep going until you get to where you are today. This is called backwards planning. Starting with the end goal and working out what your steps are to get there.

When I was dreaming about my business, I started with 'what would my ideal situation be?' For me, I wanted to run my own business but not have to work for my business. There is a difference.

My ideal situation would be to have associates working for me so that I could live my life living out my dreams and passions, like travelling the world and helping my community.

So when designing my business, that was always the goal. What steps do I need to take in order to have plenty of work to hand off to other associates? What systems and automated apps do I need that would help me run my business and collect data easily so with a quick few taps I can see an overview of my business? How can I generate income without working for it?

They are bold questions but if I want a good business that achieves my goal, I have to have a good design.

So what is it for you? What would your ultimate goal be and how are you going to design a business that achieves that?

Signing off,


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